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  1. Patient Dining & Nutrition —A Vital Part of the Care Experience

    We approach our patient dining and clinical nutrition services with health and satisfaction in mind.


    Our patient-centric approach can improve satisfaction and elevate the entire patient dining experience by providing:

    • Expert clinical dietitians and nutrition care protocols that support patient care outcomes

    • Increased patient, nurse and caregiver satisfaction through service excellence

    • Optimized operations to reduce costs and improve efficiencies

    • Innovative dining concepts that can be scaled from single hospitals to national health systems


    We create patient dining and clinical nutrition programs that meet the needs of your hospital or health system, including:

    • World-class patient dining solutions

    • Expert inpatient and outpatient nutrition counseling and education

    • Innovative programs for patient, clinician and physician engagement

    • Scalable service delivery models

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    Consumer tastes and preferences do not change just because they are in a hospital bed. Offer seasonal and bold flavors that are on-trend to transform your patient dining experience and increase satisfaction scores.

    innovative Dining Programs

    innovative Dining Programs

    Every day, we deliver engaging, nutrition-focused dining programs to patients around the world.

    In today’s healthcare environment, patients have many choices for where they receive their care. We also understand that engaging, quality dining services can improve patient satisfaction and, in turn, drive reimbursement. Fortunately, we’ve spent nearly 50 years partnering with hospitals and healthcare systems across the globe, providing innovative patient dining and clinical nutrition services that meet the strict dietary needs of hundreds of thousands of patients. 

    Patient Insights

    Each year, we invest significant resources to understand the needs and desires of our patients. Our ability to respond to patient needs, and deliver the nutritious food choices that they want, is what makes us an industry leader. 

    Through focus group discussions, close examination of global and local food trends and site-specific research on your patients’ unique food preferences, we’re able to create engaging patient dining experiences that meet their unique dietary needs while also considering the quality and financial goals of the hospitals or health systems we serve. 

    Innovative, Engaging Dining Concepts

    Armed with those insights, we design and develop innovative programs based on the following:

    • Quality of food
    • Menu choice and variety
    • Quality of service
    • Nutrition education to support lifestyle change
    • Patient engagement

    We’re constantly creating new dining concepts and programs to increase patient satisfaction, including:

    • A high-performance team of specialists that use Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics standards to develop nutritionally sound meal options
    • Great-tasting, healthier choices that meet dietary needs based on age, regional taste, condition and individual patient preference
    • Increased room service delivery options, including adding Treat Yourself® state-of-the-art customized nutritional menus to our restaurant-style Room Service Program.
    • Tray management programs
    • Hospitality platforms, such as our adopt-a-floor nurse manager rounding program and PatientConnect patient rounding program
    • Engaging nutrition education to support lifestyle change supported by Aramark dietitians

    We understand healthcare is a dynamic industry. And it’s for that very reason we put so much emphasis on turning patient insights into everyday innovations. That way, as healthcare evolves, our patient dining services evolve with it. 


    When great food turns a meal into a memory, we know we’ve done our job.
    Pairing healthy choices with nutrition and wellness programs, we make it easier to live well.


    Tips, success stories and solutions to achieve your goals.

    Patient Engagement

    Patient Engagement

    Our employees foster a comforting healthcare environment through everyday patient interactions.

    Research has shown that during a three-day hospital stay, patients can encounter as many as 75 different faces. Combine that with an already unfamiliar environment and it can produce a great deal of stress and anxiety. That makes it all the more important to create comforting, engaging patient dining experiences filled with nutritious, satisfying meals. In our experience, these personal touches not only improve health, but can also boost morale. 

    Giving Patients What They Want

    As with anything we do, we begin with research, by understanding patients through in-depth studies into their behaviors, desires and trends. For example, data shows that patients consider their food choices to be one of the only elements of their hospital stay under their control. So we work with culinary experts to create menus that are full of rich, nutritious choices that improve patient satisfaction.

    Bedside Manner

    We also know that engaging patients at the bedside helps patients feel more comfortable. Investing in patient- and caregiver-focused customer service programs helps our team understand the nuances of patient interaction, tray accuracy, tray delivery and pickup, diet needs and nutrition intake, among other components. 

    Improved Satisfaction

    We’re proud to say that nearly 60% of our room service accounts are in the top quartile of patient satisfaction. What’s more, thanks to more efficient operations, we’re able to achieve this satisfaction and financial success without adding additional costs for our healthcare clients. 


    When great food turns a meal into a memory, we know we’ve done our job.
    Pairing healthy choices with nutrition and wellness programs, we make it easier to live well.


    Tips, success stories and solutions to achieve your goals.

    Clinical Nutrition Services

    Clinical Nutrition Services

    With more than 600 dietitians on staff and a renowned Dietetic Internship Program, we invest in the next generation of clinicians.

    We Are Dedicated To Giving Your Patients The Best Care

    Your patients receive the nutrients and education needed to heal with our 600+ dietitians on staff. Our dietitians are critical to the hospital environment because they identify malnutrition or dietary needs through protocols at admission in order to strategize the best way to nourish and heal the patient. Our dietitians impact reimbursement rates, length of stay and overall satisfaction scores. With the complexity of dietary cases, reimbursement rates are higher.

    We are committed to growing the profession with our Internship Program. Working with healthcare partners, we groom the next generation of dietitians for their community. The Aramark Dietetic Internship is a remote program located in Aramark sites across the country with up to 60 interns each year.  Since 1991 graduates have been hired as clinical dietitians, managers, and food service directors. 

    Our Clinical Career Roadmap is a guide for dietitians through their professional growth and we continue to develop them regardless if they are on your or our staff. We want to continue advancing dietitians and want to partner with you.


    Through internships and on-the-job training, students can start their career off on the right foot.


    Tips, success stories and solutions to achieve your goals.



    Tips, success stories and solutions to achieve your goals.

    2 less hospital days

    Nutrition Intervention can reduce avoidable readmissions by 28% and length of stay by 2 days1

    ¹H&HN Magazine, 2014


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