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  1. Effective Operations Support for a More Secure Facility

    Our services help keep your facility operating efficiently so you can focus on safety and security.


    Our comprehensive facilities services allow you to focus on security, and enable you to rest assured that your facility is operationally effective. We provide:

    • The most complete array of facilities services

    • Robust knowledge and industry-wide expertise that help achieve your goals

    • A dedicated staff to get the job done right and reduce your annual operating costs and liability risk


    Our deep expertise in correctional facilities enables us to design custom solutions that make an impact. Our services include:

    • General facilities services

    • Kitchen maintenance

    • Laundry

    How can we help?

    Let us bring our facilities services to your correctional institution.

    Contact Us;
    General Facilities Services

    General Facilities Services

    Our comprehensive suite of services has everything you need to keep your facility running smoothly.

    With a deep understanding of both facilities services and the corrections industry, we are well equipped to provide solutions for any technical or operational issue that arises in your facility. Our preventive approach to maintenance focuses on optimizing your resources to catch problems before they arise.

    Our robust portfolio of facilities services enables us to customize a solution that fits your needs, so there’s never a problem that’s too big or small. This reduces costs, extends the lifespan of your valuable equipment, and saves you the hassle of recurring issues.


    We provide comprehensive services and innovative solutions that deliver on your highest priorities.

    How can we help?

    Let us bring our facilities services to your correctional institution.

    Kitchen Maintenance and Laundry

    Kitchen Maintenance and Laundry

    Our preventive approach can help you maximize the lifespan of your valuable equipment.

    Having ovens, freezers or coolers go offline can cause unwelcome disruptions at your facility, and repair or replacement costs for industrial equipment can be significant. That’s why we designed a preventive maintenance approach so that operational issues are caught before they happen. This optimizes your equipment’s performance, increases its life expectancy, and reduces your total cost of ownership. 

    In addition, our laundry services focus on costs, efficiency and accuracy, and give you a dedicated, responsive team on the ground that gets the job done.

    We offer our kitchen maintenance and laundry services as stand-alone programs or as part of an overall facilities partnership. Whatever your needs, we can work with you to design a solution that fits.


    When great food turns a meal into a memory, we know we’ve done our job.

    How can we help?

    Let us bring our facilities services to your correctional institution.

    97% client retention

    We've retained 97% of our correctional facilities clients in over 35 years of service.

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    Find out how else we use innovative solutions in correctional institutions.

    How can we help?

    Let us bring our facilities services to your correctional institution.